Environmental Imperialism

It’s just wrong to export our environmental claptrap to limit population growth, development, and freedom in the third world. It’s pure Environmental Imperialism.

Many liberals in the US decry the fact that many of our social values are seeping out into the world, and overwhelming the native cultures in foreign lands. Meanwhile they are practicing Environmental Imperialism of which the latest vehicle is the Global Warming Crisis, the carbon bank concept, and the Kyoto treaty.

To the rest of the world they are saying:

Liberals in the West know what’s good for your country, you may not log your forests, you may not farm, you may not exploit your own resources the way we did to establish the modern western world. We would rather you become dependent on the handouts from developed nations and subservient to the Kyoto treaty and the world bank.

This neo-luddite cabal jets around the world to conferences on carbon neutrality, debates on carbon taxes, and other environmental socialist ponzi schemes. Since folks began pointing out how much carbon they are putting into the atmosphere with their antics, the Kyotites have developed a conscience and started planting trees to compensate. In their jargon, this creates “carbon neutrality”.

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