Salute to Veterans

eagleflag.jpgTo those who have served, and those are are still serving, a heartfelt thank you. Memorial Day honors the fallen, this day is to honor those who survive, for that can sometimes be harder. I thank my father for his three tours in Viet Nam, and I thank my nephew who still serves.

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New Leadership

At some point we have to break the nihilistic scare and crisis cycle; whether we tell folks they are doomed by terrorism, or doomed by global warming, or doomed by marxism, or fundamentalist christians, or second-hand smoke, it makes little difference. Leading with fear always fails over time.

Thousands of bloggers are retroactively handicapping the elections, so you aren’t going to find that here. Instead let’s look forward together. The Democrats will have their new leadership, and so too in turn will the Republicans — will the new leaders bring new direction?

Large-scale questions face us in this bright new millenium, questions about direction and goals for the next one hundred years which should be answered soon. Over the past few years most of our leaders have looked into the future and blinked, turning back to the moment, the news cycle, and the comfort of past debate. The few who are focused on the long term future tend to be ignored by their peers. It’s more comforting to talk in circles than to lead to new direction.

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