When government fails, citizens rise

This is an election year, mid-term for many congressmen and senators — you can expect the rhetoric to steadily ratchet up between now and November, but with National issues there are only three that will carry through to November & potentially impact results. How will they play in the mid-terms?

Right now the three top national issues are gas prices, illegal immigrants, and the war.

The war I expect will take care of itself, while violence does continue, by November with a real government in place and the people of Iraq starting to turn on the jihadis, I don’t expect this to decide local elections except for the hard-core who are already committed. By a year from now we will begin seeing “Iraq — the Forgotten War” leads from the MSM.

By November, the gas prices will be forgotten, unless they stay high until then. If so, expect a major bloodbath among all Congressional incumbents.

Illegal Immigration is the one issue with definite staying power, and congress-critters had better tune in to the mood of their constituents and quickly, because it’s not about peace love and understanding anymore.

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