Brilliant not so smart

It’s campaign season, and the dirty tricks are starting already at Wikipedia. See the Fox news story here.

“My campaign manager Morton Brilliant, who is responsible for all the work in my office, has offered me his resignation and I have accepted it,” Cox said in a statement.

Republicans should know better, and Cox did the right thing in fireing Brilliant. For another example of wiki-prop see Little Green footballs.

The Immigration debate is on


Here are Senator Bill Frist’s comments on Illegal Immigration in Podcast, and here are the written comments at the Volpac blog — you can see how the sentiment is running. A quote from Senator Bill Frist:

We are a nation of immigrants built upon the rule of law. And so many legal immigrants have played by the rules when coming to this country and making a life for themselves and their families. We should not break faith with those who played by the rules, so I will not support amnesty. We respect the rule of law and those who made it here the right way, and are trying to make it here the right way, rather than reward those who came here the wrong way.

Warning: the next link will load slow, thousands of comments from angry Republicans. 

While you are there, leave a comment — if you skim through the thousands there already you can see folks are mightily ticked off.