Liberal Rites of Spring

It’s that time of year, and liberals everywhere are getting ready to demonstrate. It’s an annual reflexive pulse of hate every April and May. You first see small demonstrations against or for the latest cause de jour leading into May, and then we get to May Day.

The teachers rile up the students, the various socialist, green, and communist organizations and all their front organizations drum up the troops, and labor unions round up their stalwarts. Danny Glover gets arrested. There are speak-ins, teach-ins, crazy street theater, and marches, all serious, all about how terrible things are today.

Then everyone gets out and demonstrates on May Day, marching in serious solidarity across the globe, the world socialist, progressive, or whatever movement in a paroxysm of angst.

Meanwhile, most adults & all the children in America are out enjoying Spring and the joy of life by playing together, watching little league, planting the garden, flying a kite, making love, or walking the dog. In other words, the only ones who notice the serious statement and all the marchers are addled students and teens who can’t get laid, news bureaus, and the other demonstrators.

This year the rallying cry will be amnesty and all immigrants are legal, a lost cause but one they will pursue anyway in hopes of gaining new recruits from the ranks of illegal immigrants. The left always allies and recruits from the discontented, and the more discontented, the better for the welfare-statists. They will crawl in bed with anyone, even avowed enemies of the state.

Just remember the origin of May Day, and the past parades