Exit strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan

Poor Harry Reid isn’t getting much notice in the press, even after his master plan for Dem congresscritters during Spring break. In his latest attempt, he states that we “don’t have the resources” for a military response to Iran.

Ignoring the fact that our troops not involved in Iraq and Iran number aproximately 2 million, we could still take action in Iran if needed. Remember that we took both Afghanistan and Iraq, both in weeks, both with forces less than 500,000 in strength. Iraq not only knew when we were coming, they also knew how thanks to the Russians. We still rolled them up like used tinfoil. (Thanks and a hat tip to the great troops, General Tommy Franks, and Stefan Possony, Jerry Pournelle, and Francis X. Kane.)

We might have to carpet bomb the road there, but make no mistake — we could make it part of our exit strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan to bring our troops home via Tehran International Airport.