Imperial Islam

It’s not about Al Qaeda, it’s not about Israel, or any singular terrorist group. It’s not the Taliban, or other states like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran etc. who supported terrorism in the past, or those who still do.

It’s all about Islamic Imperialism — all of these groups and countries are allied in ideology, Israel is just their stalking horse. Jihadism or Islamic Imperialism is a dangerous ideology, and it’s time that America recognizes the consequences of winding down the war on terror prematurely, especially now that malaise for the efforts in Iraq has set in.

The last few days Jihadists have demonstrated in New York city carrying signboards with an Islamic flag flying over the Whitehouse. They feel brave now that american support for Bush has flagged in the face of steady and relentlessness media onslaught against the war in Iraq. See the video of the demonstration here. ( link in red on right side of screen after intro.) Here’s discussion at the Counterterrorism blog.

The Queens-based Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) held a rally yesterday outside of the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan. Members of the Islamic Thinkers Society are easily identified by their Khilafah flags and provocative signs as well as rhetoric against homosexuals, Jews, Christians, Danes and others, depending on the hot button issue at the moment. Yesterday’s rally was held in response to Monday’s Tel Aviv bombing that killed 9 and injured scores. While carrying signs including “Islam will Dominate” with a picture of an Islamic flag over the White House

From Counterterrorism Blog

Our first war with Islamic Imperialists wasn’t even in this century, and Israel wasn’t even formed at the time. A good read on America’s first war on this enemy after  independence: Jefferson’s War. The tactics were similar, down to hostages, beheading, ransoms, etc. We won then, and we will win again.