Sunday Hodgepodge

An assortment of things this Sunday:

Today is Iraq Freedom Day, the third anniversary of the fall of Saddam. Things are getting better in Iraq, but the media isn’t presenting that, so a few efforts are underway to help them put things in perspective.

In another development, FBI are still looking for the person responsible for drilling a hole in a Florida nuclear power plant pipe. No leaks, not to worry etc. but it’s likely to turn out to be an opponent of nuclear power from some wacko fringe environmental group.

What was a simple *hah* shower insert in the master bath has become a “strip-it-down-to-the-studs” redecorating job…. grrrrrrrr. The rolloff arrives next Friday, so the rest of this day I am plumbing, ripping out sheet rock, etc. So it’s later on all, sorry no more time to write today. šŸ™

Later that same day……

Whew!Ā  That went easier than I thought, so I will have some time to write.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Hodgepodge”

  1. Thanks for the tip on the shower insert. I am thinking about installing one and the deeper I dig into the bathroom the more I find wrong. It looks like the plumbing has been leaking and now the tub has some bad rust, the drywall is starting to bow and the tile grout is cracking. All because the drain was a little slow and I got my nose in there to take a look.

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