Dump the Dentist

Dump the Dentist

Don McLeroy, Dentist, Discovery Institute shill, and Chairman of the Texas State Board of education is under fire and likely out of a job. He’s a Governor Rick Perry appointee, but the legislature still has to confirm. So far they haven’t done so even though these are usually fly through appointments. If they don’t by June 1st that will be it for the Dentist.

State Sen. Mike Jackson, R-La Porte, chairman of the Senate Nominations Committee, declared McLeroy’s confirmation dead in the water. If so, Gov. Rick Perry will have to look to the other nine Republicans on the 15-member elected board for a new board chair.

It will be interesting to see who Perry’s next appointee to the Texas State Board of Creationist Indoctrination is. Read more here.

H/T: The Sensuous Curmudgeon

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2 thoughts on “Dump the Dentist”

  1. Nice sense of priorities.

    You win elections by building coalitions of (some what) like minded people. You lose elections by pissing off people who by and large have much the same views as you do.

    Y’all will like Obama’s second term. Just don’t go whining that you didn’t have anything to do with losing the election! Is proving the superiority of atheism and evolution over christianity and intelligent desing more important than getting a Marxist out of the White House and his buddies out of congress?

    Seems like stupid priorities. But, y’all got to chose. Evidently you’ve chosen to keep Barry in the WH and Nancy in the House and Harry in the Senate.

    BTW: I sure you find that Barry, Nancy and Harry all agree with you. So, your kind of people will be in power. Because kicking around christians is much, much more important than kicking Barry, Nancy and Harry around.

  2. Like minded? Creationist bunko artists are not like me at all and I’ll have nothing to do with their crap. Their crap doesn’t even list above number 20 among US priorities and wouldn’t likely crack the top twenty if you surveyed just Republicans.

    People like McLeroy and Cargill are exactly why Texas will have more Democrats in office next election. That’s why they suck — they are in process of turning a red state into a grape. Just like Kansas. We were a solid Republican state, now we have a Democrat gov, and my representative is a democrat exactly because of people like McLeroy trying to push this bullshit on an unwanting public. Good luck with your lieing for Jesus campaign down there.

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