Are Good News Clubs Good For Our Children?

Good News Clubs are infiltrating our public schools an turning them into tax-payer funded indoctrination centers.

Presentations by Rebecca Hale, Katherine Stewart, Richard Dawkins, Eric Cernyer and Sean Faircloth.

Presented at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. February 27, 2013

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Religious Politics and Secular Values Changed Louisiana

This is good overview of how the creationist groups work behind the scenes on anti-science and regressive social legislation. It’s not just evolution – it’s also gay marriage, climate change, stem cells, right to die, and other issues where religious zealots are stalking state congressional halls as part of one large consortium. What’s happening in Louisiana has happened here in my state as well, it’s not just one state or one governor.


Retroviruses, Pseudogenes, and Common Descent

Proofs of common descent that are pretty devastating to AIG, ICR’s, and Discovery Institute’s creationist arguments are the genetic histories of our species. In our genes you will find retrovirus strands in the same places you find them in our common ancestor species. With this data and these proofs the phylogenetic tree is being tuned by researchers and once enough full gene maps are compared we will know our full ancestry, and we will know it without any substantive doubts.

Dump the Dentist

Dump the Dentist

Don McLeroy, Dentist, Discovery Institute shill, and Chairman of the Texas State Board of education is under fire and likely out of a job. He’s a Governor Rick Perry appointee, but the legislature still has to confirm. So far they haven’t done so even though these are usually fly through appointments. If they don’t by June 1st that will be it for the Dentist.

State Sen. Mike Jackson, R-La Porte, chairman of the Senate Nominations Committee, declared McLeroy’s confirmation dead in the water. If so, Gov. Rick Perry will have to look to the other nine Republicans on the 15-member elected board for a new board chair.

It will be interesting to see who Perry’s next appointee to the Texas State Board of Creationist Indoctrination is. Read more here.

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Previous Lunacy in Texas

Roadside Attractions


Roadside Attractions

As a child we used to drive long distances, sometimes it was from the old home to the new home since my parents were in the military, and sometimes it was to a park, a beach, a museum. Those long distance drives were times of joy to us as children, and times when we saw and learned new things. In the western states, land of imagination, there were many roadside attractions and I remember well the dinosaurs at Cabazon.

It chaps my hide that someone has turned them into a creationist museum, and perverted an opportunity for kids to learn into an opportunity to “lie for Jesus.” Ringo the Gringo has a photojournalism essay on the sad turn of events here. As enticing as those dinosaurs are, I wouldn’t recommend taking your kids to see them unless you are well prepared to counter the pseudo-science nonsense you will encounter there.

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