Pundit Puddingheads Pimp Pandemic Paranoia

Pundit Puddingheads Pimp Pandemic Paranoia

You always hate it when radio and talk pundits willingly feed ammunition to our enemies – when media matters can publish just the facts and Joe Scarborough can lay you low with a comment you know you are treading too far into the land of extreme paranoia. Sorry for the media matters video, but it’s all just factual sound bites.

Marshaling nativist fears and  extreme wing paranoia during times of crisis is counterproductive if there is a real emergency. Doing that when there isn’t must have a motive, and it demonstrates the desperate ploy of populist fear. The Republican party is better than that, or at least I hope they are. It’s notable that Boortz is Libertarian, and Savage is a nutcase.

The facts: the Flu will go pandemic, but it was bought here and elsewhere by tourists and truckers, not illegal immigrants. The Flu is mild in symptoms at present, but it could evolve into something nastier in the future.

If you wanted to attack the US with a bioterror weapon, you wouldn’t start in Mexico, you would start in a few of the hotels around Ohare field, MCI, Dallas, and etc. to make it spread further before detection. Starting in Mexico would probably eventually get it here, but with lots of forewarning and easy means to quarantine or stop the flow. So why would you do something so stupid if you were a terrorist?

If you are worried about vectors across the border keep in mind that even if all immigration were stopped from all countries, that same flu would still get here by crossing the borders with avian and animal vectors.

Boortz and Savage: Get a clue if you are going to pretend to educate your audience.