Pakistan Lost II

Pakistan Lost II

Back in December both Bill Roggio and I said Swat was lost, (Pakistan Lost.) The post is ironically titled – Swat itself is a beautiful mountain paradise, or could be without the Taliban infestation. Traveling to Swat now would be like going upriver to meet Colonel Kurtz. Here’s what I said back then:

The military operation in Swat against the Taliban has failed, and Swat is lost for all intents and purposes. Girl’s schools will close, and what was once a world class tourist destination will devolve into a primitive hell hole to which nobody in their right mind will go.

Others are beginning to notice as well and agree:

Captain’s Journal

New York times

Bill Roggio’s Latest article on Swat


What the others aren’t telling you is that Radio Maulana, aka Mullah Earthquake, or Mullah Fazlullah has been around for years and years, and the original TNSM terror group gave flanking cover and distraction as cannon fodder for Al Qaeda’s escape from Tora Bora. If you’ve read this blog the past two years you know exactly who this fellow is. (Here’s a search on TNSM, with articles running back to 2006 – you can also see that back in Dec. 2007 victory was prematurely declared in Swat by Pakistan’s military.)