Saturday Thoughts

snow-shadowsThe Winter of our Discontent


In the blogosphere news there’s been a meltdown at Pajamas Media in the face of sinking revenue, more about some of the fallout over at Protein Wisdom.

I don’t depend on ad revenue, and the “non pro” bloggers are not going to be affected by the implosion of ad revenues seen at Huffpo and PJM. This is my journal, diary, daybook…. it’s neither a news source nor a snark factory, so I’m rarely topical but sometimes ahead of the crowd – you won’t find me pumping and pimping posts for hits. I try to influence without trying to be controlling or directive – there’s some general directions out there that we should head in, and we should have fun while doing so.

The Republican party implosion has also been interesting to watch. We  will wade out of swamp, wander out of the desert, and find our way sometime over the next year, but I will say that the acrimony and back biting is getting old. Trying to toss out one faction or another is a ridiculous proposition on it’s face, on the other hand trying to exert control over 100 percent of the platform or message by any one faction is a ridiculous proposition as well.

I recommend that folks take a couple weeks off, go have some fun, get some fresh perspective. I keep saying we are in a bold, bright new millenium and things are going to start changing faster than we can comprehend, but that message hasn’t sunk in yet.  The future is happening faster than you think, so either ride the wave or head to shore and hunker down.

Meanwhile I’ve been fiddling with a contact form since the old method sent email to some dummy accounts that I never quite got around to reading very often. Now it comes blind direct to me, so there’s a contact form at the bottom of my About page that seems to work.