Faux Fitna Sites Propagate

After Network  Solutions suspended Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilder’s Fitnathemovie.com site the swirl of controversy has created a flock of imitators hoping to cash in or opportunistically leverage the sudden interest. (Yes, you could even call this article opportunistic, but I have a point to make here separate from Geert’s initiative.)

There have now been several “faux fitna” sites, and people are capitalizing on the buzz. What we do know is that the film has not yet been released, but Geert has said now that it will be released by April 1st. 

The last statement I can find in print from Geert Wilders after the suspension of the Fitnathemovie.com site by Network solutions states that he will “go hand out DVD’s on the dam if necessary.”

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The Sound and the Fury II

The Sound and the Fury II

Being an entirely random depository of evidence, findings, musings, observations, questions, & notes from my study of Vlaams Belang.

This is the ugly part of journalism – raw notes and research, cut and pasted here. I wanted you to see some of the process and effort that goes on in the background to research things, it ain’t pretty, but you can see that it’s thorough and also multi-sourced. In other words the analysis and conclusions come to here are not just on a whim, or after looking at one thing. I am not posting the VB site things I’ve dug up, because that is already out in other articles at other sites. Enjoy.

Let’s start at the beginning – when the debate over Vlaams Belang first came up, I was one of their initial defenders, saying they were less fascist than the Swedish Democrats, but after more research at their sites to validate what I was saying, I came across a few things, this was among the first and it prompted an article in the series at Little Green Footballs. This is the banner that VB cartoonist, Fre, uses for his column on cartoons in the VB youth magazine.


Another example of how they indoctrinate youth:

Jonger Acktief (JA)


This site is now “independent” since the court ruling against Vlaams Blok, but it was the outlet for youth propaganda. Note however that they still have the latest Vlaams Belang stuff, and still sell Odin’s cross necklaces. The new VB stuff they have to get from somewhere and would assume they need permission to sell it.

If you dig around on the site you will see Voorpost flags and lebensrunes in some pics along with a flag. I”m still researching the flag. (White background, Black Cross, Red Dragon over all.)

[*Note that the grave marker on the left bar at the site above is from Ijzer, (Yser river) near Diksmuide, it commemorates World War 1 and the Flemish who died in the fields there, and is a historic marker important to all Flemish people. It’s in memory of the lost generation, the horrific trench warfare that disillusioned all towards war, and the battles commemorated by the poem “In Flanders Fields.” There’s not a darned thing wrong with it, please do not get it confused with the white power sign as it’s completely different. The difference is the shape of the arms, and the width of the base as it follows the traditional religious Celtic Cross cross use. In the banner above you can see the Odin cross variety typically used to designate white power or “Identity purists. This is the banner of stormfront. The cross in the banner is outlawed in nearby Germany, the stylized Celtic cross with widening arms as seen on graves clearly is not.]

Kaffir – Kuffar?

Just a reminder : Kaffir was used extensively in Apartheid South Africa, it dates far back and might be borrowed from the Muslim denigration for non-believers: “Kuffar.”

Vlaams Belang group is still linked into the Flemish and Dutch supremacist fronts via voorpost and Ijzerwake activities. There are usually solidarity speeches with White South Africa, or the Afrikaaners at every Zangerfeest and Ijzerwake, at Voorpost this poster is a permanent fixture of the wall, as you can see they’ve run electric conduit over the top:


“Flemish Solidarity with White South Africa”

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Nightly Rioting Continues in Amsterdam

The youths who are rioting in Amsterdam have done so the past four nights, usually burning one or two cars per night near the police station where one of their “gang” members was killed. Bilal Bajaka was shot to death by a female police officer after he ran into the police station and attacked with a knife. The officer is still in serious condition as she was stabbed in the chest severing a pulmonary artery, and twice in the back.

The police say that it’s a “gang” of 35 criminal “youths” ages 12-18; what they don’t tell you is that they are Morrocan immigrants, and they have ties and relations to the Islamist terror organization the “Hofstad Group“. This group includes the murderer of Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered for making the movie Submission.

It is noteworthy that Bilal attacked the police station two years to the day after the first arrests of members of the Hofstad group.

How must it feel to be a citizen in Amsterdam where you can’t own a gun and Islamist gangs are roaming the streets every night unopposed? You think I exagerate? Please visit the original report at Klein Verzet, scroll down to updates 12 -15 of the running story.

Terrorism Links to Youth Riots in the Netherlands

jihadriotsallabepleinamsterdam1.jpgWhile the general press in Amsterdam are characterizing the latest spate of riots in Amsterdam as perpetrated by “criminals”, “youths”, and “youth gangs”, there’s more to it than that.

While those statements are true, nonetheless the youths are mostly Morroccan, and have ties to know terrorists, including the murderer of Theo Van Gogh. For those getting here from this Little Green Footballs article, there’s also more detail at Klein Verzet.