What Now Democrats?

What Now Democrats?

The voters in the US are cyclic and this is their season of sorrow. The left is now ensconced in political power the likes of which they haven’t really seen since the days of the Johnson presidency. They have a near supermajority in the legislative branch, and they hold the executive branch as well. In this season their usual excuses can not hold any longer.

Singing a song of sorrow and blaming the Republicans for every ill won’t work and will ring hollow if even attempted now. The left has to put up or shut up after years of  proclaiming of what they could do if only the electorate would place them back in power. Well now they have and the Democrats have to demonstrate with real actions or it could become a two and out scenario.

That doesn’t create an environment for good decision making on their part and they will likely tackle symptoms vs the real problems because of the groups they are beholden to. The big dilemmas in this early part of the century aren’t what most folks think they are. Energy independence and clean energy make for fine bumper stickers but the real problem is clean energy abundance for the world. Making the US an island of energy wealth in a sea of energy poverty is the fail and it will isolate and destroy capitalism. The retrograde or luddite factions in the Democrat party  will try to create an environment of energy paucity and high cost because ever since Schumacher wrote “Small is Beautiful” energy itself is the evil, not the solution.

They will likely continue to prosecute the war in Afghanistan, but fail to address the roots of terror. These run deep, and are a legacy of the death of communism, the rise of radical Islam, and pockets of tribal nationalism around the world. These causes are not addressed easily but longer term the end to permanent refugee cities must be sought. If you seek out any terror group you will find a large burgeoning city of ethnic refugees at some countrie’s border.

 Whether these be the banilieus of France, the hellhole of Gaza, the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan, the Terai Nationalist camps in Nepal and India, the Tamil camps in Sri Lanka, the Islamist camps in Thailand, or the Karen Camps in Thailand, other countries will exploit them and give rise to terror groups to destabilize their neighbors. When these camps are allowed to grow unabated and become ethnic nationlist refuges then you will get terror in large doses.

The ideologies as well must be attacked but the refugee camps are the start point, and new permanent refugee camps should not be created.

Now that the Democrats are back in power will the word Freedom be rehabilitated? Will they oppose the major tyrannies around the world? I don’t expect much from them on this front, but “the Sybil,” Joe Biden’s crisis is coming and the electorate is watching.

On the economic front the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but will the Dems realize this in time, or will they play up the current economic crisis for all its specious worth just to milk more “social justice” out of the wallets of taxpayers? That’s a hard call to make at the moment but all indicators are for a continued period of talking down the economy.

The challenges ahead are great, and long term solutions are needed – what can we expect from the small-spirited and attention deficit Democrats over the next year?