Earlier today I posted Gone in remembrance of 9/11, but as terrible, as desperate, and as sad as that day and the ones following were it was not something fatal or even terrifying to the overall spirit of America.

America’s courage and steady strengths are indefatigable, unstoppable, persistent – and nothing, nothing can stop that for long. So on 9/11 Islamic terrorists gave us pause but not the lasting blow they really hoped for.

 These people don’t appear terrified to me and they sure seem to be enjoying life in the Big Apple, and that’s good for them and great for America because the city that never stops hasn’t stopped.

One thought on “Indefatigable”

  1. It is so sad that some politicians today gloss over the fact
    that 9/11 occured. Some have the notion that if we pull our
    troops out of Iraq, stop our wire taps and intercepting e-mails
    from overseas, that we can forget the terrorists and they will
    just go away. The war on terrorism is going to go on for a
    long time and we must prevent another attack like the one
    on 9/11. We haven’t had to rely on luck that we haven’t been
    attacked since the WTC, The Pentagon and flight 93 occured,
    we can thank G.W. Bush.

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