Kasey Goes Wading

Kasey Goes WadingKasey decided to wade a bit in the water below the Dam on Lake Taneycomo, and since it was 92 degrees, the car got quite wet when we put her back in. Anyone know how to get wet dog smell out of a Charger?

Bursting Bubbles in Zero G

Fantastic, and well worth viewing.

McCain Slams Obama on Taxes

While the MSM continues to paint John McCain as weak on the economy, he continues to exhibit signs that he has firmer grasp of economic reality than his opponent Obama. This as evidenced by McCain’s anti-tax and anti-spending positions as well as his long record on both issues. (The notable outlier was his original opposition to Bush tax cuts because they did not at the same time reduce spending. If conservatives had listened to that message perhaps the 2006 election cycle would have gone a bit better for them.)

This morning McCain is on attack again as he challenges Obama’s weakness on taxes:

If you are one of the 23 million small business owners in America who files as an individual rate payer, Sen. Obama is going to raise your tax rates. If you have an investment for your child’s education or own a mutual fund or a stock in a retirement plan, he is going to raise your taxes. He will raise estate taxes to 45%. I propose to cut them to 15%. His plan will hurt the American worker and family. It will hurt the economy and cost us jobs,” McCain will say today, according to excerpts released by the campaign. “At a time of increasing gas and food prices, American families need tax relief and I, not my opponent, will deliver it.

Who knew that Obama had 100 million plus in Earmarks during his short senate stint?

Israeli Missile Defense Tests Ongoing

Israel has begun testing it’s new “Iron Dome” missile defense system, this was selected instead of the joint US-Israel Nautilus system which was mothballed after doubts arose. Carl at Israel Matzav has his doubts as well about Iron Dome, preferring an active offense to passive defense.

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