I’m Too Saxxy for my Hsus, Too Saxxy for my Hsus

An autographed sax from Bill Clinton was found by the FBI in Norman Hsu’s apartment. Details at Suitably Flip.

Federal agents searching the Manhattan apartment of Democratic fund-raiser Norman Hsu this week seized a saxophone autographed by President Clinton, along with about 200 bottles of fine wine and Champagne.

Mr. Hsu purchased the instrument at an auction for $26,000 in October 2005, according to a representative of the American Red Cross. The auction was held during the centennial celebration for the charity’s New York chapter, where the former president was also honored.

E.M. Winston, the maker of the saxophone, donated the instrument. And President Clinton, who attended the event, signed it. Mr. Clinton owns an E.M. Winston saxophone that was given to him by the late David Ginott, the company’s president.

The saxophone purchase was part of an embrace of the Clintons that acquaintances said Mr. Hsu liked to display. He had a collection of photos on exhibit in his apartment, as he rose quickly to become a top supporter of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, ultimately raising more than $1 million.