Second Suspect Arrested for Attempted Embassy Bombing

Yesterday police caught a man trying to enter the US Embassy in Vienna, Austria. The man fled after a metal detector went off, but was quickly apprehended with a backpack full of explosives and nails.

Today police have arrested another man in connection to that case. From AP:

A second suspect has been arrested in connection with an attempted bomb attack against the US embassy in Vienna, Austrian police said Tuesday. Police said the man was arrested near Vienna on the basis of information given by the main suspect, a 42-year-old Bosnian, who was detained Monday after he tried to enter the US embassy with a rucksack containing nails and explosives. Doris Edelbacher, a spokeswoman for the Vienna security and counter-terrorism bureau told the Austria Press Agency that not too much should be read into the second arrest because the Bosnian appeared to want to implicate other people. The Bosnian suspect also appeared to be confused and no link had been established between the two men and any Islamic movement, Edelbacher said.

The main suspect tried to enter the embassy but explosives detectors at the entrance signalled an alarm and the man was detained in a nearby street as he fled.

Experts found two devices that looked like hand grenades in the bag, along with nails.

I hope they are not going to bill this as “just another crazy person”, but it appears that authorities might judging from the statement that “no link had been established between the two men and any Islamic Movement.”  I certainly hope the Buddhists from Bosnia aren’t mad at us now.