New Taliban Most Wanted List Posted Across Afghanistan

The Afghan, ISAF, and US forces have been so effective in killing off the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan that they’ve had to create a new “Top 12” wanted list for Taliban leaders. The new billboards and faces are being posted across the country, with rewards of $200,000.00 dollars. From AP:

Among the 12 men on the Most Wanted list, the U.S. is offering the $200,000 reward for five of them, including:

_ Abu Laith al-Libi: An al-Qaida training camp leader who has appeared in many Internet videos and who the U.S. says was likely behind the February bombing at the U.S. base at Bagram during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney.

_ Saraj Haqqani: Son of longtime warlord Jalalludin Haqqani and believed to have connections with al-Qaida.

_ Tahir Yuldash: The leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and an al-Qaida operational commander.

Pollock said the U.S. is offering up to $10,000 to Afghans who turn in any foreign fighter, such as militants from Arab countries or Chechnya, Turkey, or Uzbekistan. The U.S. has also been paying money to Afghans who tell authorities about roadside bombs that have been planted.

“This is not necessarily a new program, we’re just putting a lot more energy into it now,” Pollock said.

The U.S. says it has killed around 50 mostly mid-level insurgent leaders over the past year, a strategy the military is continuing to push with the Most Wanted rewards program.

If the mid level leaders are taken out, then the top level has to come out of hiding and become active.

In sadder news the Taliban hung a young boy just for having US dollars in his pocket and they shot a farmer for using NGO aid. They attack anyone in the south who uses NGO or USAID aid, this goes hand in hand with their program to stop deminers, vaccinations, girl’s schools, and modern farming. Their neo-luddism is because they want to keep Afghanistan medieval and backward because that’s the only way they can retain power.

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  1. I really LIKE this idea! Thanks for the update, Thanos.

    A bit off topic, in the war in Iraq….but with another al Qaeda in Iraq top dog captured in Samarra, I think we will see over the next week a HUGE infiltration of special ops and other forces in Samarra to gut that area out. This could be HUGE in the further neutering of al Qaeda in Iraq. The following article describes how the captured leader had fled Al Anbar province and hid out in Samarra…well, it’s kind of like mice…where you catch one, there’s a hundred more!

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