Iraqi Forces Kill 39 Al Qaeda in Al Anbar

Iraqi forces have defeated Al Qaida forces, killing two leaders, 37 followers, and capturing another chlorine tanker at Amiriya in Al Anbar province. Please stop by Bill Roggio’s Fourth Rail for the details. The local tribal and Iraqi forces took 11 casualties, and there were six police dead. The ratio is not as good as the US forces performance, but this is yet another sign that Iraqi forces and nationals are really improving in their response to outside terror groups.

From Bill Roggio:

Amiriya has a specific significance to al Qaeda. This small town has been the focus of three high profile attacks since March 2, including two unusual massed attacks. Al Qaeda in Iraq has devoted significant resources to such a small, backwater town. About 120 fighters have been killed and another 60 captured in two operations, while a chlorine bomb was also aimed at this town.

Al Qaeda is going after what it considers to be a high value target – a target so valuable it is throwing its precious resources into a maw to achieve a specific result.