Capitalism on Strike in Nepal

Protesting against Maoist excesses, extortion and intimidation, businessmen and entrepreneurs gather en masse at the Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu on Tuesdaybusiness-strike-nepal.jpg 

Businesses, sickened of the continuing shakedowns, beatings, and thefts by the Maoists in Nepal go on strike, if you zoom in perhaps you’ll find John Galt.

In every movement they reach a point where to gain traction recruiting of members is open, and inevitably they find thugs, criminals, the crazy, and the anti-social elements useful just as the Maoists have. Controlling those elements is another thing altogether.

It’s Prachandra’s leadership at fault that keeps these thugs in the Maoist organization, and his lack of control is why they continue to pursue personal goals of wealth, revenge, and agrandizment even after the treaty and interim government.

more at Ekantipur:

Industries, factories, import-export, education institutions, transport, and businesses remained closed in the capital and all over the country on Tuesday, which marks the second day of the indefinite closure called by the Nepalese business community against the Maoist excesses and lack of security.