In Thailand’s south the Nuns have guns

300 Buddists meet to take up arms in Thailand’s deep south.

buddist-guns.jpg300 Buddists meet to take up arms in Thailand’s deep south.

In the increasingly restive violent south of Thailand, the army is looking at ways they can gain more forces to protect against separatist Muslim insurgents. The most recent attrocities included spraying a truck carrying 10 women with automatic fire, killing three, and a roadside bomb planted on the route the Prince would travel. The Queen has spoken out about the violence, and recommends arming the civilians in the south, and it looks as if the army will do so.

This from The Nation:

Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said his government would follow Her Majesty the Queen’s suggestion to arm local residents in the restive region so they can protect themselves. The Interior Ministry has trained and equipped local residents, notably Buddhists, for years.

Fresh violence erupted in Pattani’s Nong Chik yesterday that left three dead and another three workers injured at a royal sponsored project for women widowed by the violence.

The Queen has also suggested arming teachers since schools and teachers are prime targets for the fanatics looking for an Al Qaeda separatist state.

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