New Message From Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar has sent his usual Eid message, promising more resistance.

omar bin laden.jpgAfter a spate of communications in late September and early October, Al Qaeda and Taliban communications have been quiet the past few days until now. Mullah Omar has sent his usual Eid message, promising more resistance.


From The International News:

PESHAWAR: In his annual Eid message from an undisclosed location, Taliban leader Mulla Muhammad Omar threatened manifold increase in attacks by his fighters in the coming months and asked Nato forces to quit Afghanistan instead of fighting for the US. The message in Pashto was emailed to The News and other media organisations by Taliban spokesman Dr Muhammad Hanif, who too operates clandestinely. An English translation of the message was also provided.

In his new Eid message to the “Muslim Ummah, Mujahideen in bunkers and Afghan Muslims,” Mulla Omar noted that it was the fifth Eid-ul-Fitr that the Afghan people were celebrating with their homeland under US occupation. However, he greeted the Afghans by telling them that the aggressors were on the run and Hamid Karzai and his associates were preparing to flee. He declared that Karzai and his men would be brought to Islamic justice. “And everyone is well aware of the strength of our court,” Mulla Omar reminded, alluding to the Shariat courts set up by Taliban that awarded strict punishments such as public executions for murders, stoning to death for adultery and amputation of limbs for thefts.

The Taliban leader, who is still referred to as Amirul Momineen (Commander of the Faithful), in his unusually long message maintained that the Karzai regime had failed to establish peace, tackle drug-trafficking, and unify the country. He said the government cannot maintain peace because it had recruited thieves in militias that were let loose on the Afghan people. He alleged that most members of the Karzai regime were drug-traffickers and there was no way that they would initiate action against fellow narcotics dealers.

Mulla Omar accused elements within the Afghan government of creating divisions in Afghanistan as part of their political agenda. “Alien culture and faiths are being imposed on Kabul. Those who are ruling Afghans, in fact, are aliens as they have returned to Afghanistan with foreign culture and ideas and they feel ashamed to adopt their own culture, he said.

It’s a remarkable pack of lies, since we know it’s the Taliban financing by drugs that kept south Helmand hopping this summer. It’s also interesting that he accuses Karzai of being a foreigner, when he consorts with Al Zawahiri and Bin Laden.

To look at it from a Pashtun perspective: Why would someone who walks the mountains be the dog of the sandwalkers? Who has invaded Afghanistan more in history: the US, or Persia and Arabia; who is more dangerous to the future of Afghanistan in the long term?

From what we are seeing there are still factions within Taliban, and I do believe some wish to make peace. The conflict will move to the east of Jalabad, the Korengal pass bears watching as there are signs of Al Qaeda operating there, and new factions forming.

It’s looking more and more like I owe Bill Roggio at Fourth Rail a good steak dinner if he comes to KC, the Waziristan pact is not keeping insurgents from crossing the border north, and we see from previous articles that some of the suicide bombers hitting in Afghanistan are being trained by Sadiq Noor in North Waziristan. So far I haven’t seen a tribal response, nor a government response in Pakistan to take care of that.

Note this from The Daily Times reporting on a fight in Patika near the Pakistan – Afghan border:

One of the dead had a Pakistani ID document on his chest when his body was shown to reporters, while the others had other papers on them that the Afghan army said gave their nationalities. Alahuddin said that he had been misled into believing that Afghanistan was overrun by foreign “infidels”, especially British forces, which have been hated since their 19th century wars in the region.

“We were sent to Afghanistan blindly. We call on our other friends in Pakistan and say, ‘There is no jihad here, everybody is Muslim,’” he told AFP.A few hours later, the three men were on the floor of a helicopter with their eyes taped shut before being taken to Kabul for interrogation.

Alahuddin comes from Miranshah in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area, which lies just on the other side of the border with Paktika province.

Alahuddin comes from Miranshah in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area, which lies just on the other side of the border with Paktika province.Another of the captured men, Zahidullah, also hails from Miranshah. He said that he too had been brought into the fight by a mullah who had put him in touch with the Taliban.

“We came to Afghanistan to carry out jihad against British forces – as Muslims we are obliged to do jihad against them, this is what we were told,” he said. The captured men had no identification documents to prove that they were Pakistanis. However an AFP reporter recognised their dialect as being from the Waziristan area.

General Murad Ali, the deputy commander of Afghanistan’s southeastern military corps, said he was proud of the actions of his men in the counterattack. He accused the Pakistani military of aiding the Islamists. “The cooperation of Pakistan with Taliban and Al Qaeda is visible,” Ali said. “They cross into Afghanistan even in areas where Pakistani posts are installed. ” His views appeared to be supported by political analyst Samina Ahmed, from the International Crisis Group (ICG), who this week reiterated criticism of the September 5 deal between Pakistan and pro-Taliban tribesmen.

If we don’t see Sadiq Noor, the recruiter mullah and others rounded up in Pakistan soon, then it’s proof that the Waziristan pact is a sham, and that the signers have given false word.

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