Iranian Narrowband Internet Revolution

In a brilliant move, Ahmadinejad has introduced new internet technology to the people of Iran — it’s the dawn of NARROWBAND!

iran372.jpgIn a brilliant move, Ahmadinejad has introduced new internet technology to the people of Iran — it’s the dawn of NarrowBAND! Member countries of the EU think it’s such a great idea that they are trying the same but by requiring licenses for broadband content instead of using Ahmadinejad’s revolutionary new thinband technology. 

Sarcasm aside, this is about freedom and reality. Tyrannical regimes always want to repress the free flow of information because they live in fragile governing structures that can’t withstand the light of day. It always fails. In the end and over time freedom and reality always prevail.

From the Guardian article:

The latest step has drawn condemnation from MPs, internet service companies and academics, who say it will hamper Iran’s progress. “Every country in the world is moving towards modernisation and a major element of this is high-speed internet access,” said Ramazan-ali Sedeghzadeh, chairman of the parliamentary telecommunications committee. “The country needs it for development and access to contemporary science.”

Iran has not responded to a western incentive package that includes the offer of state-of-the-art internet technology in return for the suspension of a key part of the country’s nuclear programme.

A petition branding the high-speed ban as “backward and unprincipled” bearing more than 1,000 signatures is to be sent to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Scores of websites and blogs are censored using hi-tech US-made filtering equipment. Iran filters more websites than any other country apart from China. High-speed links can be used with anti-filtering devices to access filtered sites.

Hat tip to Hot Air Vent and Lizardoids at Little Green Footballs. More also at Captain’s Quarters.

Meanwhile in China the government continues to imprison journalists and bloggers for speaking against the government on the internet.

If you are in a repressive country and you blog or read the internet here are some steps you can take at this link.