Jewish Community Center Under Attack in Seattle, one dead, terrorist captured

Update at LGF: Hate crime or Terror? — I will vote for the latter.

 The authorities have a vested interest in keeping US citizens calm by making this an “isolated incident”, if you have children and value their future, then you better read a bit more and recogznize fully what is going on. There have been too many “Isolated instances” the past several years.

In a horrific event in Seattle, a pakistani islamofascist has attacked the Jewish Federation in Seattle, killing one woman, and injuring four five others. King5 in Seattle reports:

One person is dead and five others are injured in a shooting at the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle that appears to be motivated by anger at Israel. One suspect has been taken into custody. He is said to be a Pakistani man with a criminal background from Pasco.

Charles Johnson has the complete story

At the same time we have a mystery sniper(s) in Phoenix who is/are responsible for several shootings and deaths, reminiscent of the Islamist shooters in Virginia shortly after 9/11, story from Yahoo news:

A series of sniper-style murders, rapes and robberies has paralyzed the southwestern desert city of Phoenix, Arizona in fear as police remain unable to find clues to the crime wave.

Police are searching for two distinct shooters believed responsible for 11 murders and as many as 37 robberies and sexual assaults since last summer.

But investigators are stymied and hoping that cash rewards of 100,000 dollars may flush out the killers.

Don’t you think it’s well past time to round up all those who have expired green cards and ship them home?

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  2. Sound Politics is really doing very good coverage of
    the recent terrorist attack in Seattle, Washington

    This article in particular is a must read.

    King County Prosecutor Maleng Must Seek Death Penalty
    For Jew-Killer Haq

    Please Contact the King County Prosecutor

    And King County Executive Sims who hasn’t even
    expressed much outrage regarding this yet.

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