14 Year old Nigerian Girl Stoned to death

In a horrific event that tells you much about religious fundamentalism, a 14 year old nigerian girl dropped a religious pamphlet in a mosque. A crowd quickly mustered, chased her to a police station, drug her out and stoned her to death.

The police appeared to have not fired a shot, but did report that “they were injured”.

When my daughter was fourteen she got new glasses and cried after because “they were too big.” I still remember that moment, and I can picture her perfectly at that age — and it makes me deeply angry that anyone could do this for any reason to any 14 year old child.Â

In another incident, Amnesty International is getting something right by trying to defend a woman from a sharia court stoning sentence for bearing a child out of wedlock. The child is already missing one parent, why on earth would you make the child have none?

See BBC for the story here.

An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has begun hearing an appeal from a woman convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning under controversial Sharia, or Islamic, law.

Amina Lawal will have to wait a while yet for the judgement. After hearing from her defence counsel today, the four Sharia judges have adjourned the case until next month.

And just in case you think these are exceptions, that nobody could be that brutal on a regular basis, here’s the results of a simple search in just one country.