More good news from Iraq, the terrorist roundups continue

From DOD news, this probably got missed by most over the weekend due to the NK events and Israel / HAMAS war.

Iraqi Forces Foil Kidnappings, Capture Terrorists
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, July 5, 2006 Iraqi soldiers rescued three kidnap victims, foiled a kidnap attempt, captured 28 suspected terrorists, and killed eight terrorists in separate operations July 2 and 3, military officials reported.Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, rescued three Red Crescent employees from two terrorist kidnappers shortly before 5 p.m. July 3. The soldiers stopped a black sedan at a checkpoint near the Al-Nida Mosque. The two kidnappers attempted to flee, but were detained a short distance from the checkpoint. During a search of the vehicle, the soldiers found two handguns.
Elsewhere, Iraqi army forces raided a rural farmhouse southwest of Baghdad early July 3, capturing 14 members of an al Qaeda foreign fighter cell and killing a key terrorist facilitator. One Iraqi soldier was killed, and another Iraqi soldier was wounded during the operation.

This is wonderful proof that the Iraqis are indeed standing up and taking charge of their destiny. I expect this to happen more often, and then less and less often as the numbers of bad actors decreases.
Once they get below a critical mass of insurgents and terrorists, I would expect further “sectartian” killing as well; or at least that is what the MSM will brand it.

I am going to look the other way and forgive, it is natural that once a people no longer fear the thugs and terrorists that they will hunt down and eradicate the people who once had boots upon their necks or who murdered their relatives. Expect the MSM to paint this period as mayhem, chaos, and failure — but it’s a natural thing that is going to happen, and believe it or not it’s healthy.

That will be the “for Iraq as a nation or die” period, and it’s coming soon to a theater of war near you. I also expect emmigration of some loyalists & fundamentalists: some Shia fundamentalist insurgents will probably exile themselves to Iran, and the Sunni die-hard baathists will likely head to Syria, Jordan, and and other Sunni areas.

More Good News at Gateway Pundit, most of the top al quaeda operatives are dead worldwide, it’s mostly b, c, and d teamers left now.

Breaking news from — New Al Qaeda tape release soon to demonstrate that the London 7/7 bombings were not just “home-grown” terrorists, the tape will include a testimonial from one of the London terrorists.