Demons of the Modern World

_135476_Pile_of_skulls_and_bones_from_Cambodia_killing_fields1.jpgCambodia swore in the Jurists Monday for the start of trials against the leaders of the Khmer Rouge responsible for 2 million or more deaths in Cambodia in the 90’s. It’s telling that the western world can find the time to put Orianna Fallaci on trial, but has not the will to put murderous marxists on trial. This trial is fully funded by donations. Apparently Kofi Anan couldn’t afford any of the spare change out of the oil-for-food scandal to fund this. 
From the article at AFP:

Since Cambodia first asked the for help in 1997, Prime Minister Hun Sen, who was once a low-ranking Khmer Rouge member, has proven reluctant to commit resources to the trials.
Donors have ended up funding most of the 56.3-million-dollar process.
During the six years of stumbling negotiations, Cambodia’s government was blamed for trying to derail the proceedings.
Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot died in 1998, and other survivors are in their 70s and 80s, prompting fears that they too could die before facing justice for one of the most gruesomely effective genocides of the 20th century.
The regime turned Cambodia into a vast collective farm between 1975 and 1979 in its drive for an agrarian utopia, forcing millions into the countryside.
Up to two million people died of starvation, overwork and from execution during the four-year rule of the Khmer Rouge, which abolished religion, property rights, currency and schools in the Southeast Asian nation.

 I believe in neither gods nor devils, but if they do exist then the Khmer Rouge were by demons driven. Always, for a few seconds after I read something like this, I wish that there were heavens and hells. For surely then these agrarian reformers would burn in hell forever if it were so. Then I get back to reality — demons don’t exist; except for those among us proselytizing dangerous and deceptive ideologies like marxism and islamofascism.