Libs and Loons

It seems that local issues have now come to the forefront — LA Mayor figures out how to do math: 294 Million Americans, 11 million Illegal Immigrants who can’t vote (except in democratically controlled precints… like California. ) hrmmm maybe he’ll go talk to those NFL guys in Dallas instead hanging out with his friends at the Illegal Immigrants marches Monday.

If you need to know why the illegals come here, here’s one view.

If you want to know the price of uncontrolled immigration down the road, check Sweden. In 20-30 years will we see demands for separate laws for La Raza? More on the Swedish situation from LGF.

And just so you leave with a couple of chuckles: We have the highest gas prices in quite a while, we are at war, we have a large scale public concern over illegal immigration, and what are your favorite new Dems focused on?

Moonbattery shows us one democrat focused on making it harder and more expensive to generate power. Ehhh liiiotttt – ET says “phone home.”


What gets a Democrat’s panties in a twist real quick? — Bad mouthing their staffer in front of Paul Newman…. See Weiner Whining at Karl Kruger.

Just to be fair and balanced, here’s a story about a nutty capitalist suing a blogger in Maine.

If you were incompetent enough not to test a phone number before you published at a State of Maine tourism site, wouldn’t you feel silly if it were a phone sex hotline? Would you then as an Ad PR agency working in electronic media be stupid enough to sue a blogger who reported it for 3 Million dollars ???? Share this around folks, MaineWebReport needs some help.

2 thoughts on “Libs and Loons”

  1. I don’t think we will ever see the problems that Sweden has had in the United States. I wouldn’t worry too much about La Raza either. They do not speak for the majority of the illegals in the United States.

    Another interesting fact to consider is the offer of citizenship to the illegals through whatever means is eventually decided. Personally, I think that option should be off the table.

    Most of the Mexicans working in the country have no desire for citizenship. If left alone, they work a few years and return to Mexico never to be seen in this country again. Of course, a fresh crop replaces them but with the same results.

    I think the guest worker concept is a wonderful idea as it has been proven in years past that these folks do leave the country eventually and do not return.

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