Iraq: more excellent news

The prestigious and moderate-to-liberal think tank known as the Brookings institute has a great new study out that shows past trends in Iraq vs. present. Everything, while not perfectly rosy, is trending well. American deaths are declining, Iraqi deaths are declining, civilian deaths are declining, and car bomb attempts are declining. All steadily, all over the past three months.

The terrorist’s last resort is to foment civil war, but if that was going to happen it would have by now. Instead, the populace is turning on them as demonstrated in the study by the increased number of “actionable informant reports” … in other words the general populace is gettting pissed off and turning in the terrorists.

You can see the study here, it has tons of charts and tables, and even some responses to surveys that might surprise you.

 Credits: Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh for pointing this important analysis out on air.