Fifteen minutes, or six hours?

If UBL is found do we want to be there in fifteen minutes, or four to six hours?

If UBL is found by someone, do we want to be there in fifteen minutes, or four to six hours? If we need to hit a foreign weapons research lab for an assured destruct without using nuclear and we need to do it fast, do we have the means now? The Washington Post has an interesting article on using ICBM’s with conventional warheads. See the second section of this Washington Post article on practical, non-nuclear use of ICBM’s.

The missle defense program is also still alive and well as can be seen in the first section, with an SDI battery at Ft. Greely, Alaska.

Missile defense
    The United States is close to completing a deal that will result in the creation of a third ground-based missile interceptor site in Europe. The candidate nations for the site that will hold 10 high-speed missile interceptors are Poland, the Czech Republic and Britain, a senior defense official tells us.
    Negotiations for the site have been under way for some time and more than $100 million is already authorized for the site, which is part of the global U.S. missile defense system now oriented toward Asia.
    The system of interceptors and sensors now has eight ground-based interceptors located at two U.S. sites — Fort Greely, Alaska, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The European interceptor base will provide defenses against an Iranian missile attack on Europe, or possibly against the United States, if Tehran builds intercontinental missiles in the future. 

When I was a kid we used to play around some of the old abandoned Nike sites, it’s comforting to see similar bases coming back. (For the uneducated, before the shoes there were the missles.)

The last time I was in Ft. Greely, we finished third or fourth in a co-ed softball tourney. If you google earth this, search on Delta Junction, Alaska, Ft. Greely is shows up on the map as Allen Army Air Field now.

It’s also interesting that Jeff “Skunk” Baxter is a solid fan of Missile Defense, I am certainly a fan of his. :) 

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