Back to Our Moon: Powering Our Return ; a clip from NASA

It’s well past the time that we should have been back to our moon. Make no mistake: This is an existential task for the human race. NASA’s new partnership with Maxar and their propulsion system explained.

via Powering Our Return to the Moon – YouTube

Our Pale Blue Dot

This is our pale blue dot — ours but for a moment in vast cosmic time.

Deep Space and That Sense of Wonder

Deep Space and That Sense of Wonder

Few things inspire true awe and wonder about the Universe as much as it’s immense size and age. Get your heaping helping of “sense of wonder” for today by watching this video. You’ll find that the “Great Nothing” isn’t so empty after all, watch and take a voyage to the far side of the universe.

Post Barakalyptic Wasteland

Post Barakalyptic Wasteland

Ayn Rand once wrote an essay that compared the crowd and the aftermath of the Apollo 11 Launch in 1969 to that of Woodstock. It was both acerbic and insightful, contrasting how the 1 million souls interested in science and the future at Cape Kennedy left the scene of the historic launch to how the 300,000 music and drug enthusiasts left Woodstock. I will leave it to you to determine what this post-innaugural video of the National Mall  is more reminiscent of.


It makes you wonder how these people enthused by Green solutions will perform over the next few years.

Space is a Moral Imperative

Expansion into space is a must for the future survival of humanity, right now all of our eggs are in one fragile basket.

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