Cicada Wasp

We had a Cicada Wasp die on the patio yesterday, I’m assuming one of the neighbors insect sprayed or that it ran into something. These get quite large (this one was about 2″ long) but are harmless to humans unless you try to squish them.

Cicada Wasp, "Sphecius speciosus"
Cicada Wasp, “Sphecius speciosus”

Sir Karl Popper’s “Science as Falsification”

Originally published in “Conjectures and Refutations” (1963). A key discussion in the philosophy of science.

A discussion of Sir Karl’s Problem of Demarcation and the principle of falsification.

You may notice a few places where the audio seems to skip. This is a microphone glitch that has recently developed. I made my best effort to repair or simply trim away any defects I spotted. I’ll probably need to purchase a new microphone in the near future.

via Sir Karl Popper’s “Science as Falsification” – YouTube.

Watt’s Wrong With Anthony?

Peter Hadfield responds to Global Warming denialist Anthony Watts regarding a fictitious invitation to debate from Christopher Monckton.


For the sake of Anthony Watts, who has a genuine hearing issue (no, this isn’t sarcasm, it’s a genuine condition) and I understand the problems he has listening to my videos, I’ll explain what this one is about. A recent statement on claimed that I won’t debate Monckton face-to-face. This is a complete fabrication. I have never been invited to debate him face to face and have never declined such an invitation. It was Mr. Monckton who withdrew from an online debate that wattsupwiththat hosted, and he has written to tell me he is too busy to debate. If he is only willing to respond to the evidence when he can see my face then of course I will be delighted to present my evidence to him face-to-face. I have asked wattsupwiththat to correct this misrepresentation, but they have not done so, and they won’t publish my very polite requests for them to do so. And since they say they will delete any messages that make a reference to me, it seems no one else is allowed to point out the error either.

So I am doing so in this video, with my usual mix of politeness, decency and good humor. I have no idea why the wattsupwiththat crew dislike me so intently, and why they defend Monckton so assiduously, but as long as they continue to print falsehoods, refuse to issue corrections and censor comments I guess we will never know.


via Correcting misinformation about a face-to-face debate.wmv – YouTube.

The arrogance of being thick as a brick

Uncertainty, something to be both humble and proud of & if that seems like cognitive dissonance, please watch DPRJONES’s video before you conclude that with finality.

Uncertainty: something to be both humble and proud of & if that seems like cognitive dissonance, please watch DPRJONES’s video before you conclude that with finality.

Something From Nothing – a conversation w/ Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science live on Feb 4, 2012 by conjunction with the Origins Project at ASU Show quoted text -there are still some edits and color correction to be done but we wanted to have the YouTube version out as soon as possibleJoin critically-acclaimed author and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and world-renowned theoretical physicist and author Lawrence Krauss as they discuss biology, cosmology, religion, and a host of other topics. The authors will also discuss their new books. Dawkins recently published The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True, an exploration of the magic of discovery embodied in the practice of science. Written for all age groups, the book moves forward from historical examples of supernatural explanations of natural phenomena to focus on the actual science behind how the world works.Krauss’s latest book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing, explains the scientific advances that provide insight into how the universe formed. Krauss tackles the age-old assumption that something cannot arise from nothing by arguing that not only can something arise from nothing, but something will always arise from nothing.Founded in 2008, the ASU Origins Project is a university-wide transdisciplinary initiative aimed at facilitating cutting edge research and inquiry about origins questions, enhancing public science literacy, and improving science education. Since its inception, the Origins Project has brought the world’s leading scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, to Tempe to explore origins questions. The Origins Project has hosted workshops and public events that have focused on questions as fundamental as the origin of the universe, how life began, the origins of human uniqueness, and the origins of morality.

via Something From Nothing – a conversation w/ Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss – ASU Feb 4, 2012 – YouTube.

Myth of the Mini Ice Age – YouTube

One of the golden oldies of science denial is the “impending ice age” myth.

As usual, the climate denial noise machine distorts what an actual scientist says about his research — That there is no prediction of any ice age. – mini, maxi, little, big or or otherwise.

via Myth of the Mini Ice Age – YouTube.

Thanksgiving Waste

It’s day four and we are almost turkeyed out. The Kids took two glad tubs of [Dinosauria Saurischia  Therapoda Paraves Avilae Aves *] turkey away, and we’ve made plates and sandwiches from the two birds we cooked for the last three days (one was traditional, the other rotisseried in the smoker.) The last bit in the last tub got cubed tonight and it’s simmering in broth with onions, celery, spices and the leg bones as I type. Tomorrow, we go out for burgers…

Meanwhile we didn’t fill up two trash cans to overflowing as usual because we now have a giant recycle bin on rollers, and it really makes a difference in reducing the space the waste takes up.  Mostly our “garbage garbage” is comprised of food waste that won’t go down the garbage disposal and the rare stuff that’s not recyclable at our local plant (glass, plastic bags,

*taxonomy and phylogeny: such an exciting mess nowadays!