Thanksgiving Waste

It’s day four and we are almost turkeyed out. The Kids took two glad tubs of [Dinosauria Saurischia  Therapoda Paraves Avilae Aves *] turkey away, and we’ve made plates and sandwiches from the two birds we cooked for the last three days (one was traditional, the other rotisseried in the smoker.) The last bit in the last tub got cubed tonight and it’s simmering in broth with onions, celery, spices and the leg bones as I type. Tomorrow, we go out for burgers…

Meanwhile we didn’t fill up two trash cans to overflowing as usual because we now have a giant recycle bin on rollers, and it really makes a difference in reducing the space the waste takes up.  Mostly our “garbage garbage” is comprised of food waste that won’t go down the garbage disposal and the rare stuff that’s not recyclable at our local plant (glass, plastic bags,

*taxonomy and phylogeny: such an exciting mess nowadays!