Cicada Wasp

We had a Cicada Wasp die on the patio yesterday, I’m assuming one of the neighbors insect sprayed or that it ran into something. These get quite large (this one was about 2″ long) but are harmless to humans unless you try to squish them.

Cicada Wasp, "Sphecius speciosus"

Cicada Wasp, “Sphecius speciosus”

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2 Responses to Cicada Wasp

  1. Reine says:

    “Cicada killers exert a measure of natural control on cicada populations and thus may directly benefit the deciduous trees upon which their cicada prey feed”

    It appears they are not “social” wasps with huge nets, so wouldn’t damage property or home the way some other wasps can. Interesting; I’ve never heard of these.

  2. Thanos says:

    The size is really freakish when you first see one — it looks scary until you read about them.

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