Quick Hits

Quick Hits

With the withdrawal of US Troops from Iraqi cities negotiated by the Bush administration we see the last major Iraq policy initiative of the previous President. If anything breaks in Iraq after this, it’s on Obama.

In Pakistan the Taliban are still retreating in a hard backwards slog where they are killing their own wounded, the refugees are still fleeing, and it appears that Pakistan is really serious again about combating terror. I might even start rooting for them again if they continue and don’t fall back to more hudna-centric Peace Accords that only aid the Taliban.

In Afghanistan the Marines have finished pouring into the South, and I expect to see big changes in Helmand over the summer; meanwhile US forces continue to pound the Haqqani network in Eastern Afghanistan.

In Honduras they are telling Obama and the Organization of American states to go pound sand because Zelaya is not coming back.

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