Nancy Says “Everything is on the Table” including Taxes

Nancy Says “Everything is on the Table” including Taxes

When it comes to how to pay for their health care plan costs the Democrats are being vague as you can see in this interview with Nancy Pelosi. When asked about taxes her only reply is “everything is on the table… everything is on the table.. ” For Nancy that really means everything is on the table except questions about her lies about the CIA, and working with the Minority on health care reforms. Those must be under the table, in the other room, or perhaps outside and down the block underneath a dumpster or something.

One thought on “Nancy Says “Everything is on the Table” including Taxes”

  1. |It’s on the table, except it’s written in language that cannot be understood
    that your taxes are going up to pay for the healthcare plan. Sort of like
    the fine print for getting a credit card….

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