Cap and Tax Under Hot Debate

Cap and Tax Under Hot Debate

Update: The bill passed 219-212

The Waxman-Markey Cap and Tax bill is under hot debate on the house floor right now, the bill will introduce a huge hidden energy tax to middle class americans, and do pretty much nothing to stop emissions. It’s turned into a huge patronage deal with massive pollution credits going to Dems in coal states to gain their votes. Here’s Representative Dave Camp, MI speaking on the effects of the bill:

The quickest way to stall the world economy that I know of is to introduce more draconian regs like this. The diesel regulations in Europe directly contributed to the recession we are trying to come out of now.

With the coming regulation of shipping diesel fuels, the future is looking pretty grim.

More from Representative Ryan:

What’s New


What’s New

We’ve just returned from a family reunion in Fairbanks, Alaska — the get together was great and seeing all of my family again was wonderful. We had planned to hit the Midnight Sun Game, but we talked too long into the bright night and missed it. Time can be deceptive when the sun doesn’t go down except to kiss the horizon near midnight. [click on the thumbnail to the left, this was taken 11:56 PM Fairbanks time on 6/17 four days before actual Solstice. Taken from the Steese Highway near the Chena Hot Springs cut off.]

Between the Sony and the Canon I took about 3,000 photos and will be posting some more of them over the next few weeks.

The trip back was pretty grueling, the plane’s flight computer went out, and the back up computer would only allow us to fly within Radar range – that turned out to be a cancelation since they are conducting military air excercises and we didn’t have enough fuel to establish a route around those that would stay within range of radar. So 36 hours later we got home, still in the same clothes. Waiting on the rebooked red eye flight did give us a bit more time for family however so we all hit the Alaska Salmon Bake.

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