Backyard Fossil Update


Backyard Fossil Update

I’ve gotten over my lazyness, pulled out the tripod and taken a macro close up of the fossil I found in my backyard, and I’ve labeled the bits I am curious about. There’s a penny in the photo for scale, and if you click on this thumbnail you will see the larger version. If you know more about Pennsylvanian period fossils, which is my guess for these, please drop a comment as I’m inexpert and these are my best guesses after looking at common fossils found in this area. (Note: what I have labeled “Nautilus?” is more likely an ammonoid.)

2 thoughts on “Backyard Fossil Update”

  1. Heh… look on the bright side. At least you *have* Pennsylvanian age fossils! Out here there is an occasional Cretaceous age fossil, though most fossils are quite a bit younger. Of course, we used to be part of offshore central Mexico and layers have gotten a bit jumbled on the trip north.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get back to New Mexico, and check out the area around Sandia Peak to see what’s there.

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