What if it Were Happening in America?

What if it Were Happening in America?

There’s a big blogspat going on and as usual Charles Johnson is on the right side of the truth. He’s calling out the neo-nazi backgrounds, associations, and political partnerships between the Euro-Supremacist groups organizing the Pro-Koln anti-mosque movement.

The Paleosphere has risen in defense of Robert Spencer and Pamela at Atlas Shrugs who were billed by the Pro-Koln group as coming to attend or speak at the event, and now the usual obfuscations and cries of “guilt by association!”, it’s the “Soros attack machine!” and “Psyops!” are screeching across their close-knit bigotted group.

First of all here’s a hint for all conservative bloggers – before you chime in you best do some real research on the groups in Europe so you know what the heck you are talking about.

Secondly let’s put all of that Euro-Supremacist stuff aside for a moment.

Step back and look at the bigger picture. If someone were building a mosque in the US anywhere, would you support a group of Yo-Yo’s showing up to stop it?

Is it libertarian to tell someone how they may or may not use their property?

Is it constitutional in the US to stop a mosque from being built? (Think before you answer – what if it were a church, a temple, or a synagogue?)

It’s basically un-American and not a conservative value to oppose freedom of religion. Is that a politically viable stance for conservatives to support?

There you go; the big picture, please think on it.


Some backgrond on people partnering with Pro-Koln:

Petra Edelmannova

Vlaams Belang

and the organizer, Manfred Rouhs.

6 thoughts on “What if it Were Happening in America?”

  1. But what if it is a religion with secret and not so secret political aspirations? What if it is a religion that demands all the things that Islam demands, like special rules for its adherents, no criticism by non believers, and all the things that Islam in fact is?

    The fact that Islam is a political force, such as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) is tremendous cause for concern.

    But to allay any suspicion you have that I am some sort of genocidal racist, I offer this deal: for every mosque built in the US, I want permission to build half a church or synagogue in one Islamic country. Furthermore, those newly built and founded non-muslim organizations would have the full protection of the local and national governments.

    If that is something that can’t possibly happen, and you know that it never, ever will, you had better rethink what you know about Islam.

  2. Sorry, you can’t sell the “because they are evil bigotted tyrants we should be the same” argument to me. Try again.

  3. Creating partnerships with “evil” to conquer a common threat has never worked out very well. Our alliance with the Soviets in WWII had repercussions for generations afterwards. Using the mafia during WWII permitted them inroads in Europe and the US that have still not been eradicated. I am sure other readers can think of many more examples.

    It is always best practice, I feel, to stand by your principles and ideals. We as a nation will come out stronger for it than we will by forging an alliance with various hate groups. Practicing genocide, mass deportations, restrictions of freedoms, etc because of someone’s religion is anathema to everything the US stands for, and certainly against everything I served a career in the Army for.

    We, as Conservatives can do much better by adhering to solid Conservative principles-none of which include blatant bigotry.

  4. Islam is not a radical religion, the radical people who use Islam as a means
    to recruit others to belive their perverted ideas of what Islam is for
    are the one’s who are dangerous. The Muslims in the U.S. have seen the
    freedoms we and they enjoy, to deny them a place of worship would
    take away their religious freedom. There are many radical clerics and
    mullahs in Islam, but then again the same can be said of Christian pastors
    and Jewish rabbis….

  5. Islam is not a religion at all. It means “submission”, and submission in total to the mullahs. The Koran does command all muslims to conquer or convert non-muslims. It allow the enslavement, rape and plundering of all non-muslims. It endorses lying to non-muslims if there the muslim community is not sufficiently numerous to conquer and enslave the non-muslim society. While most muslims are not radicals or murderers, neither will they ever challenge, question or interrupt the murder and mayhem practiced by their more fervent brethren.

    It is an ideology to conquer and enslave masquerating as a religion, that is all it is. And, no, you cannot say the same thing about Christianity, not honestly.

    If you really want to wait until it is too late to do anything about it…well it’s never too late, it is just about how much blood you want to see shed to protect our liberty and our nation.

    Best wishes,
    Gail S

  6. Gail, that’s one interpretations of Islam and it’s the one favored by Ayman Al Zawahiri, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut Tahrir, and Al Qaida, why are you furthering their Neo-Takfirist propaganda for them?

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