Milton Friedman on Greed

You Say Greed, I say Self Interest

Who can you trust in a society full of greed? Look in the mirror, look to your family and friends, but be careful even with the latter…

At times like this when the “best and the brightest” have made huge mistakes, and government controls and intervention are shown to be useless, it’s good to remember the prime things that drive economies: key among them is self interest, or as some would have it, Greed. We’ve had hundreds of years of great growth, innovation, and unprecedented success in the US primarily due to our affection for capitalism and innovation. We’ve hit a stall, but it won’t last forever so please don’t let the doom crying pundits toss Capitalism out with the bath water. H/T Instapundit.

2 Replies to “Milton Friedman on Greed”

  1. Most recessions last only a few months. I firmly believe this one would have been over by mid 2009. But, with this huge spending plan now put on the table? Who knows now?

  2. They could turn it around in a heartbeat if they would just state clearly what business taxes will be the next four years. The bean counters are in a lather because they really can’t plan.

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