Flags at Ft. Scott


Flags at Ft. Scott

It’s been busy lately and my spare time has been spent following the Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza, so posting has been light and probably will be  for a while. If you want to follow the conflict I recommend Israel Matzav (Israel just got another Hamas Leader,) Lawhawk (US) Israellycool (AU,) Carl’s in Israel, Lawhawk’s in the US, and Dave’s in Australia Israel – they are liveblogging and you can get a “follow the sun” coverage around the clock at any time of the day if you hit them in the right order. Bill Roggio also has a summary of the tactical entry into Gaza here, meanwhile The Tank at NRO has some speculative analysis of Israel’s strategy in Gaza (read the two articles from Saturday, and the one from Monday.)
Above you see the flags at Fort Scott Kansas, there are four because they also fly a POW-MIA flag. I took this photo as I stopped in to pay a speeding ticket I got passing through from a trip to my parents home.

Mea Culpa: Dave’s now in Israel, not Australia.

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  1. I have been living in Israel for the past 8 years, although I was born and raised in Australia. So my liveblogging is really live from Israel.

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