3 thoughts on “Kasey Caught in the Act”

  1. Australian shepherd of the blue merle variety. Warning if you are thinking of getting one: They are bundles of energy, require lots of running, have quirky personalities, and really aren’t for everyone. They are very loving however, and not aggressive to strangers of any type, they have rituals (Kasey must play the “nibble on the toes under the covers” game every night before she sleeps for instance. They will stay with you where ever you go in the house, but don’t get crazy if you leave them home alone awhile. I’ve never had a better dog.

  2. Nah I was just curious. One dog is enough for me, but yeah, I prefer the lazy ones. All my dog does is sleep (well, and poop and pee when I take him outside). The big mutt snores louder than I do. I’ll toss a ball and he’ll just look at me like “what’d you do that for?” LOL

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