Anti-Prop 8 Demonstration

Ringo the Gringo has a great photo essay on the anti-prop 8 demonstration at the Los Angeles civic center. The photo essay is grouped by the themes of the signs, and there were even a couple of Phelpsian counter protestors there. Please stop by to view the whole thing.

In a previous article here I outlined why the social conservative stance against gay marriage is highly counter productive.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Prop 8 Demonstration”

  1. For those of us who care less whether gays want to
    marry or not, I think the real problem is about money. If a gay person puts his/her spouse on their
    group insurance policy at work, the insurance company is going to balk at insuring them because
    of the prevelance of AIDS/HIV and the costs to the
    company over a long period of time. I’ve known and
    worked with gays and lesbians during my life, and
    have never had one of them approach me or hit on me.
    I do however shudder at the thought of how they conduct themselves when in private and during these

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