Another Haditha Marine Exonerated

1st Lt Andrew Grayson’s honor is unbesmirched as he was fully acquitted of charges for the Haditha incident. This isn’t going to make Murtha happy. As more comes to light on the incident it has become apparent that Haditha was an agitpropaganda set up from the get-go, and that the attempt by our enemies to recreate My Lai in Iraq has failed.

With aid from a gullible mainstream media and politicos trying to gain profile from the war Haditha gained much more mileage than it should have, but at heart and core our soldiers are the finest. While one individual might do something wrong on occasion, no group of them will fail in their overall duty or mission, and Haditha is about a group of highly trained marines. To the milbloggers it stunk from the beginning like agitpropaganda, kudos to them all for reporting this well, questioning the evidence and charges, and most of all for keeping public support of these Marines at high levels.

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You Know Things Are Bad When

You know thing are bad when the UN calls for Capitalism. Ban Ki Moon called for the end to tariffs, protectionism, and trade barriers in face of mounting food inflation:

“We simply cannot afford to fail,” the UN secretary general told a news conference at the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) summit on food security. “Hundreds of millions of people expect no less.”

That’s understatement. Millions are hungry right now, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The sustained high energy prices the past few years have caught up to food production, and while the lowering of trade barriers will help the problem of “food inflation” quite a bit, lowering barriers alone will not stop the steady creep of hunger and poverty. It takes high energy to farm abundantly and cleanly; a point which is easily proven.

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It’s June, there are graduations, and the usual silly season has started with journalists reporting alien sightings. I’ve taken a brief hiatus to enjoy the Spring, as there haven’t been too many warm days this year until the past two weeks.

In politics the battle royal has begun with the thousands demonstrating at the DNC rules committee yesterday. A tentative agreement was reached, but it’s not real — you will likely see this play out at the credentials committee at the convention. Right now Democrats must feel foolish — allowing the convention to be decided by superdelegates and rules committee fights isn’t going to enthuse the average voter who will likely feel disenfranchised no matter the outcome.

Barrack Obama resigned from his radical church finally, it’s well overdue by about 18 years. Black liberation theology is too closely akin to plan old Latin America Liberation theology where Marxism is clothed in the vestments of Christ and indigenous tribal supremacist movements.

The sturm und drang, hair-pulling, and chest beating in the Democrat party is surely fascinating, but in the grand scheme of things isn’t that important. This will all be forgotten in under fifty years. In under fifty years we will still need massive amounts of energy to support the 9 billion souls who will be inhabiting the planet at the time, and Congress just doesn’t seem to be able to focus past the 24 hour news cycle and MMGW for the moment.

Not many noted it but the shuttle went up again yesterday, carrying a payload for the space station, a monarchy was abolished in Nepal, and a shift in politics in Pakistan now has the PPP and PML-N trying hard to get back together, with the likely outcome being the re-instatement of the Chaudry Court and the ouster of Musharraf or severe curtailment of presidential authority. These might not seem important, but in the long range they are probably three of the more significant events of the week.