Pakistan Protests too Much

What were Pakistani troops doing in such close proximity to Taliban Troops?

While the Chaudry / Sharif backed long march goes on in Pakistan, it’s been somewhat occluded by the recent confrontation between Pakistani and Nato forces. 11 Pakistan forces are dead, but a lot of questions remain.

Syed, mouthpiece of the Taliban, points this out as well in the Asia times, and I would rather he tell us who “Syed Sheikh” is and where he’s at. (“Syed Sheikh” is rumored to be the new AQ #3) I disagree with Syed on his article’s premise btw, Musharraf is great at tap dancing along the razor wire of Pakistan’s political schisms, but he will not be a force to be reckoned with in Pakistan Politics anytime in the near future. (I won’t say never since Pakistan has a history of recycling politicians as soon as one post-colonial feudal faction gains over another.)

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