Another Haditha Marine Exonerated

1st Lt Andrew Grayson’s honor is unbesmirched as he was fully acquitted of charges for the Haditha incident. This isn’t going to make Murtha happy. As more comes to light on the incident it has become apparent that Haditha was an agitpropaganda set up from the get-go, and that the attempt by our enemies to recreate My Lai in Iraq has failed.

With aid from a gullible mainstream media and politicos trying to gain profile from the war Haditha gained much more mileage than it should have, but at heart and core our soldiers are the finest. While one individual might do something wrong on occasion, no group of them will fail in their overall duty or mission, and Haditha is about a group of highly trained marines. To the milbloggers it stunk from the beginning like agitpropaganda, kudos to them all for reporting this well, questioning the evidence and charges, and most of all for keeping public support of these Marines at high levels.

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One thought on “Another Haditha Marine Exonerated”

  1. After the Haditha incident, it was learned that the IED that blew a US soldier in half, was planted in broad daylight, in plain view of locals who could have acted to preserve life. Soldiers knew that it was triggered locally, thus, hair trigger search and destroy methods against triggermen were if anything, justified by exigencies if not standing orders. In that context, soldiers expect total compliance; non-compliance of any kind – including that of innocents – could result in death or injury.

    From what I read – and first hand comment has leaked to military blogs – the exercise was operated under SOP standards. Civilians were not massacred in retaliation for the loss of US life. However, the officer in charge reported 8 enemy combatant casualties. That was false, and warranted discipline.

    A leftwing film group produced a treatment of the incident “The Battle for Haditha”, with terrorist assistance, and they concluded that film – which I have seen – with a room full of armed Iraqis shouting “Jihad.” The American media serves terror when they repeat enemy propaganda.

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