The Yellow Peril Revealed

All it takes is one kook to cook a kookspiracy.

The Yellow Peril Revealed

In the last two days there’s been a new story appearing on some of the less than credible conservative blogs, and it’s also making the rounds in email. The story amounts to saying that as part of China buying into our debt that all land in the US was used as collateral, meaning your house, your business, your property.

It’s ridiculous if you think about it anytime at all, but the small nexus of hate that exists in some dark corners of the Conservative blogosphere knows little about sanity. This isn’t going to be a full-fisking of the story because I don’t want to send the nutballs traffic or direct too much attention their way since that’s the point of them posting it.

I will point out the genesis of the latest Kookspiracy theory. There are three pretty well known conservative blogs carrying the “China’s going to take our land through Eminent Domain” story, but tracking the links puts you in a circle between the blogs, until you arrive at an anti-semite neo-nazi site. I won’t name the blogs and I won’t link to them because they live on hysteria and sensationalism, building an audience of frothing crazies to gather notoriety and page hits. In other words the real yellow peril is not the Chinese, but rather the yellow journalism of the kookosphere.

On the 11th Bloomberg ran a story (and this is the only “hard cite” they’ve got,) regarding China needing assurances that their investment wouldn’t go South if they buy our paper from the Stimulus – in other words they need to know that we are serious about fiscal restraint and keeping the dollar secure.

So how did we get from a Bloomberg story on the background of China’s concern about buying our paper (which drove the subsequent Obama announcement and conference on fiscal restraint and reducing the deficit,) to “OMG! China’s Going to Take YOuR HowSE through Eminent DoMaiN!”?

All it takes is one kook.

Hal Turner is a raging anti-semite white supremacist nutball in every sense of the word. He’s prone to making threats and cooking up Kookspiracies. I will not link to his site because the stench of madness flies up the flue at that house, but you can see various historic pages from his site here in the Wayback machine. Note the ads in the sidebars etc., there are also news articles in archives like this one to be found.

For those who don’t believe that Hal Turner is a raging nutball with lots of neo nazi fans, here’s a snip from an article on his blog:

Many visitors to this blog thought I was some sort of nutcase for my story which revealed that upwards of 775,000 American citizens are on lists to be rounded up by our government.

Just from a skim of his current blog content and comments he also appears to be a white supremacist neo-nazi who floats a lot of conspiracy theories. He does a radio show as well, but I’m not sure if that’s just podcast or what.

Harold Charles “Hal” Turner is an American white nationalist and white supremacist from North Bergen, New Jersey. He ran his program, The Hal Turner Show, as a webcast from his home once a week, and depended on donations from his listeners. He quit the show in July 2008. In August his website also closed down, though he retains a blog.

Wikipedia has a long entry on him, with lots of links at the bottom if you require further verification. Some of those links are now gone since his blog was swarmed by Anonymous, but many of the news links are there to confirm, and the Wayback machine is also linked here to confirm.

So what is the point here? Just this: There are legitimate voices on the right that value Conservative principals like honesty deeply, but this story doesn’t come from any of them.

People who run with this are not very credible because it took me all of 20 minutes last night to sift this out. Republican politicians, pundits, and bloggers need to be careful of their associations because this stench doesn’t come out — and you certainly don’t want your picture taken with these kooks.

Where does the truth in the Stimulus paper lie? Well the Chinese will get something strategic or political out of this, but trust me that it won’t be your house.

*note: Some history on the original “Yellow Peril”  please take note of the marked similarities in source and slanders.

Obama is Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense

Most Americans would not recognize the acronym “BMD” or understand its meaning, but Ballistic Missile Defense is a keystone to our strategic defense systems as well as those of NATO.

Russia, China, and a raft of third world thugs and dictators are as openly and adamantly opposed to the program as Obama is.

James Lewis at American Thinker has an article up about this, and I will take a moment here to completely underline one of the key effects of BMD for Geo-political strategy. To help you understand this effect I’m going to explain what I call the “Snapshot Bully Scenario.”

While nuclear war would be unthinkable with either Russia or China, and Ballistic Missile Defense at present isn’t designed to cope with their large arsenals, BMD does prevent the “snapshot bully” scenario. A single nuclear shot or threat of one by Russia or China against a neighbor they were trying to coerce would be unlikely, but it’s also unlikely that the response would be nuclear in return if they were given slight pretext and only one nuclear device were used or threatened. The opposition would be world wide, but it probably wouldn’t be military since that would initiate WWIII at a nuclear level. The precedent for limited nuclear weapon use was already set by the US when we used them against Japan.

What’s more likely is that Russia or China could threaten through proxy – a nuclear armed North Korea, Pakistan, India, or Iran backed by a tight alliance with either Russia or China could use the snapshot bullying tactic of a single shot or threat of a single shot to gain compliance, and that would be more likely than the direct threat scenario outlined above. Not to mention that if Iran gets nukes, it’s likely they will share the awful bounty with people like Hugo Chavez to threaten our allies in this hemisphere. Without BMD it’s likely that the Eastern European or South Asian country threatened would knuckle under to whatever demand was made under coercion from snapshot nuclear blackmail.

The current BMD program (once in place) completely removes that threat, since it makes it highly unlikely that a single shot would succeed in reaching target. Japan is already protected from snapshot scenarios, as are others in the area by their BMD batteries and ships.

China and Russia’s strategic nuclear forces also make the conventional armies of countries in East Europe and the Sub-continent of Asia somewhat useless in defending against an ally of either Russia or China, and there are many other scenarios you could imagine where the ability to defeat a single nuclear shot becomes extremely important beyond just that of the madman with a nuclear ICBM scenario most people think of.

Barack’s opposition to BMD and the space program is clearly a disaster in the making for the US and our Allies. Please write or join here and let your support of BMD be known. ( Please note that I am conservative, and oppose Barack Obama and the Democrats in general, but the MDAA is Non-partisan and supports the concept of BMD in general without lobbying for any particular technology.)