Karzai Threatens Attacks if Pakistan Doesn’t Clean Up Act

President Karzai of Afghanistan threatened to attack if Pakistan does not clean up there act in regards to cross border terrorism and not just tolerance of Jihadis, but in some quarters outright support. You can read it at the Daily Times:

KABUL: Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened on Sunday to send Afghan troops across the border to fight militants in Pakistan.

He told a news conference that Afghanistan had the right to self-defence, and because militants crossover from Pakistan “to come and kill Afghans and kill coalition troops, it exactly gives us the right to do the same”. “Therefore, Baitullah Mehsud should know that we will go after him now and hit him in his house,” he added.

“And the other fellow, (Taliban leader) Mullah Omar of Pakistan should know the same,” Karzai continued. “This is a two-way road in this case, and Afghans are good at the two-way road journey. We will complete the journey and we will get them and we will defeat them. We will avenge all that they have done to Afghanistan for the past so many years.”

Update: Bill Roggio has more on the latest predator strike inside Pakistan Saturday that might have been targetting Baitullah. Also note that Pakistan has alluded to a combined arms capability of using unarmed drone guided missles remotely fired from their Helicopter gunships and that some predators do take off from Peshawar.
UPDATE II: Another Shia mosque has been attacked by TTP or AQ forces, this time in Dera Ishmael Khan. The Takfirists are trying to further the work of inciting the 4th Fitna that they started much earlier in Iraq, and Parachinar. I think people everywhere are wising up to their ways, and we will not see a world-wide Islamic civil war as they desire. This along with the recent kidnapping of 16 Iranian border guards is a shift in strategy, they hope to regain the popularity they are losing by shifting the front to one more popular.

Storm at Noon

I napped through this storm, only rising as the thunder faded and it receded. Now it’s sunny and bright outside. It was a perfect time to take a nap.